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D-Sub, Rectangular and Circular connectors

Immagine per D-Sub, Rectangular and Circular connectors

Deltron Italy is the perfect supplier of multicontact interconnection components. Solder - IDC - Crimp - Press Fit - WIREWRAP - SMD, High Density - Combi - Dual Port - IP67 / 68 Rectangular connectors and circular connectors

D-Sub, Rectangular and Circular connectors

Deltron Italy, partner of Deltron AG a leading manufacturer of high-quality professional connectors such as SUB-D connectors, circular connectors, IDC connectors, hoods and accessories, has a well stocked warehouse with over 11,000 items.

The range of low frequency interconnecting solution that Deltron Italy can offer to its customer is heterogeneous and extremely varied:

D-Sub Connectors

- Connectors solder / crimp / IDC - 9,15,25,37,50 poles with machined or stamped contacts.

- High density 15,26,44,78 poles Connectors

- 2W2, 3W3, 7W2, 5W5, 8W8, 24W7 etc. combo Connectors for all types of installation with 20A and 40A power contacts or coaxial contacts.

- Connectors for SMD mounting

- Wire Wrap Connectors

- Press Fit Connectors

- Connectors Filtered

- DUAL-PORT Connectors

- Waterproof Connectors IP67 and IP68

- Plastic, metal or metallized plastic hoods, straight or 45 °, complete with accessories; also available in IP67 version.

In addition to the wide range of D-Sub connectors Deltron Italy provides circular connectors of different types:

- Mini DIN Connectors for cable, PCB and Panel

- M8 / M12 Circular connectors

- Plastic and metal industrial Circular connectors from 4 to 37-pin - size 11, 17 and 23 with accessories.

- Circular connectors for automation

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