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D-Sub Micro TCA for power supply – the new Deltron product series - Deltron Italia

D-Sub Micro TCA for power supply – the new Deltron product series

Micro TCA (also µTCA) stands for Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture and is the modular standard approved by PICMG, which regulates the assembly of unit group carriers and complete primary systems.

The current supply is effected by a power input connector placed on the front side of the power module. For this interface plug connectors were defied and standardized, which base on the D-Sub Combi connector. The type 7W2 is used for current supply of -48V and -60V. For the supply with +24V and for the purpose of codifiation and distinction the type 9W4 is available.

Micro TCA systems are applied not any longer only in applications for telecommunications, increasingly also in general industrial applications.

Deltron AG extends its product range by a further group, the D-Sub Micro TCA power input series. The specifid Combi connectors are equipped with 2 power and 2 signal contacts. The signal contacts serve for controlling when mating or un-mating under load and are equipped with a bridge on the cable side.

The high power contacts serve a current load-carrying capacity of 24A in the version 7W2. The heating up allows up to max. 30°C. Deltron AG produces only with machined precision pins, the quality class 1 allows 500 matting cycles (0,8 µm gold plating). The Deltron product range covers single port and dual port D-Sub connectors with angled pins for PCB soldering assembly. Cable side sockets are available with or without bridged, straight signal contacts, with soldering cups or as crimp termination.

The assortment is rounded off by special full metal 90° hoods in very flt and space-saving design.

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