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Deltron Italian manufactures conformable and semi-rigid coaxial cable assemblies of various sizes and impedances by executing preformature to customer specification and assembling coaxial connectors of many families and sizes, from SSMP (GPPO) to 7/8 ".

Through the use of specific equipment for cutting, stripping and soldering processes of the cable we can assemble semirigid and conformable cables with the various types of coaxial connectors that the market offers. Equipments for the bending of the cable allow us to preform the cable according to the customer's needs, developing the whole product starting from the technical drawing.

Semirigid cables RG401 (UT250), RG402 (UT141), RG405 (UT086) as well as microcoaxial cables UT047, UT34 and UT31 are carefully processed by our skilled staff and assembled with GPPO, MMCX, MCX, SMA , N, 7/16 connectors and many others.

In the same way we work 50, 75, 60, and 25 ohms conformable coaxial cables,unsheated or with PVC, LSZH or FEP sheat. Each cable is mechanically, electrically and dimensionally controlled. Where required we test Return Loss and Insertion Loss on Vector Network Analyzers and supply test reports with the curve of return loss, insertion loss and phase in the frequency range desired.