Deltron Italia Srl progettazione e produzione di connettori coassiali e componenti RF
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Signaling & Data Cables

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Signaling Data Cables

Signaling & Data Cables

Deltron Italian manufactures cable assemblies for data transmission, based on existing specifications or providing support to the customer by identifying the type of cable and connectors to be used for right interfacing with the equipment.

According to the pinout defined on the specification, we make any kind of wiring between multiwire cables and connectors : solder, crimp or IDC D-SUB connectors; high density D-SUB; combo D-SUB (23W3, 8W8, 24W7, etc.), SCSI connectors; Centronics connectors, circular connectors, DIN 41612, metric connectors, MIL connectors, connectors for rail or military applications, rectangular connectors for industrial use and more generally all the multi-contact connectors of the best known brands on the market.

We propose and process a wide range of cables, from single AWG34 to 6mmq, from a few inches long twisted pair, to shielded cables with up to 200 conductors long more than 20 meters.

The quality of every single cable is certified by testing connections and Pin-out with appropriate computerized equipment.