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Microwave Cables

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Microwave Cables

Microwave Cables

The production of microwave coaxial assemblies with excellent electrical performance at high frequencies ( up to 40 GHz ) could be difficult without sufficient technical competence in the field of the coaxial connections.

Deltron Italy , thanks to its experience and the competence of its staff , is able to assemble cables and connectors specially designed for high frequencies , making coaxial assemblies able to work up to 40 GHz.

All production process in realized with precise equipment for the stripping and connectorization of the cable .

Some of the coaxial connectors commonly used are SMP ( GPO ) , SSMP ( GPPO ) , 2,92mm ( K ) , 3.5 mm.

Similarly can be made flexible cables assembled low-loss connectorized with SMA , N , etc