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High Frequency coaxial connectors

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1.85mm - 2.4mm - 2.92mm (K) - 3.5mm - SMP coaxial connectors

High Frequency coaxial connectors

Deltron Italy provides a wide range of coaxial connectors for high frequencies applications (up to 65 GHz)

- 1.85mm -
The 1.85mm coaxial connectors (generally called "V" connectors ) are designed to work at frequencies up to 65GHz. The external dimensions are similar to those of the SMA, with which, however, is not intermeatable.
The 1.85mm connector is typically used in test and measurement applications where the reliability of the connector performance is critical for the tests at high frequencies. The design of 1.85mm connectors provides that the outside conductors engage and align before the central contacts preventing the possibility of damage. The 1.85mm connector is mechanically compatible with the 2.4mm connectors family.
The 1.85mm connectors that Deltron Italia can supply are:
adapter male/male, male/female, female/female

- 2.4mm -
The connectors 2.4mm are designed to operate up to 50GHz. The 2.4mm is mechanically compatible with the 1.85mm connectors and are mainly used as interface port of test and measurement equipments or for components requiring high performance at high frequencies.
The 2.4mm connectors that Deltron Italia can supply are:
adapter male/male, male/female, female/female

- 2.92mm (K) -
The connectors 2.92mm (or K connector), are designed to work up to 40GHz. Their interface is similar to SMA but utilizes an air dielectric and a smaller internal body diameter (2.92mm) to obtain a higher cutoff frequency.
The connectors are mechanically compatible with the 3.5mm and SMA connectors, but the central pin is shorter. In this way the outside conductor engages and aligns before the central contact preventing the possibility of damage on the inner contact itself.
The 2.92mm connectors that Deltron Italia can supply are:
Rights males and females straight connectors for UT086 (RG405) and UT141 (RG402) coaxial cables
male and female bulkhead receptacle 4 holes square flange
adapter male/male, male/female, female/female

- 3.5mm -
The 3.5mm connector is an upgrade of the SMA connector and has an air dielectric and an outer conductor diameter of 3.5mm. It 'designed for applications up to 34GHz and is mechanically compatible with the 2.92mm and SMA connector.
The 3.5mm connectors that Deltron Italia can supply are:
adapter male/male, male/female, female/female

- SMP (GPO) -
The SMP subminiature connector (GPO) provides excellent performance from DC to 40GHz.
It's a connector typically used in miniaturized modules for high frequencies applications and is available in both a push-on and snap-on mating styles.
The SMP interface provides three different levels of retention strength: Full Detent (FD) for maximum retention, Limited Detend (LD) for medium retention and Smooth Detend (SD) for a minimum retention to be suitable to a wide range of applications.
The SMP connectors that Deltron Italia can supply are:
Cable Connectors plug and jack straight or 90 ° connectors for UT86 (RG405)cable
Male connectors for PCB (straight or edge mount).

To learn more about our high-frequency connectors, to request a data sheet or receive an offer, do not hesitate to contact us.